Partner With Us

Most people want to make a difference in the world, but the hard part is trying to figure out how. We have a solution for you!

By drinking Better Life Coffee you have an impact on a farmer, a child and a missionary. You CAN make a difference and it starts here! 

  • As a coffee lover, enjoy a bag or two of freshly roasted coffee while contributing directly to the sustainable lifestyle of farmers in the northern Nicaragua.
  • As a church or youth group, consider selling Better Life Coffee as a fundraiser for your own mission trips, service days, and other activities that share the "Good News" Contact us for special fundraiser pricing.  
  • As a coffee shop, you can serve Better Life Coffee to raise awareness to the needs of others. People love drinking coffee when they know it helps others.
  • As a bulk food store, add Better Life Coffee to your lineup for those customers who like getting to the “basics” of their ingredients and buying a value priced coffee.
  • Or as a health food store, Better Life Coffee is sure to appeal to your customers preferring organically grown products, free of harmful chemicals.